Encounter with a diamond python

Bonnie Vale, 29. August 2004: We are just setting up for a picnic when we have an unexpected encounter with an inquisitive guest. Diamond pythons are stranglers and thus not poisonous (but you wouldn't want to have their teeth in your flesh...). When the snake is almost going over my shoe, I pet her tail — it has the effect of a fast forward button on a remote control: The python goes faster. Later, we watch a fight between a crow and the snake.

Diamond Python in tree next to picnic bench

Claudia's right foot and the snake

Diamond python and Mark - photo taken by Claudia

Diamond python and Claudia - photo taken by Mark

A close-up with blue tongue


Eye in eye with a python

Photographer in action

5cm before the lens

The battle between the python and the crow with a masked lapwing watching