Overland Track Tasmania

Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair, Tasmania, 24.-31.12.2004

  • 4 people in our party (Peter, Claudia, Kevin, Sue)
  • 8 days on the track
  • camping at 5 different places: 4 times hut, 3 times tent
  • total distance: ca. 90 km
  • Climb onto 3 mountains:
    • Cradle Mountain (1545m)
    • Mount Oakleigh (1248m)
    • Mount Ossa (1617m)
  • Total altitude profile: 5280 meters ascent, 5500 meters descent
  • Daily stats:
    • Day 1: Ronny Creek - Cradle Mountain - Waterfall Valley Hut. Ascent 1656m, descent 1507. Duration 8:00
    • Day 2: Waterfall Valley Hut - Windermere Hut. Ascent 224m, descent 265. Duration 3:14
    • Day 3: Windermere Hut - Frog Flats - New Pelion Hut. Ascent 410m, descent 507. Duration 7:06
    • Day 4: New Pelion Hut - Mount Oakleigh - New Pelion Hut. Ascent 361m, descent 361. Duration 3:55
    • Day 5: New Pelion Hut - Pelion Gap - Kia Ora Hut. Ascent 383m, descent 415. Duration 3:25
    • Day 6: Kia Ora Hut - Mount Ossa - Kia Ora Hut. Ascent 911m, descent 911. Duration 7:54
    • Day 7: Kia Ora Hut - Windy Ridge Hut. Ascent 1252m, descent 1244. Duration 7:21
    • Day 8: Windy Ridge Hut - Narcissus Hut. Ascent 102m, descent 221. Duration 3:03
What is left over after 8 days on the track?

Not much! 2 muesli packs with milk powder (our emergency ration of food), 2 Miso soups, 1 box of raisins and dried pineapple, 1 Power-Bar energy pack vanilla flavour, 0 (!!) sheets of toilet paper. This is the result when you know exactly what and how much food you will eat on what day...

The Water

Each day we dip into some body of water, lake or creek. The coldest temperature is recorded on 28.12.2004: Our water thermometer shows 6 deg C in the creek next to Kia Ora Hut. The warmest water is recorded on 30.12.2003 at the Harnett Falls when the water thermometer climbs to 12 deg C. The most interesting experience is on 27.12. at the New Pelion Hut: It is snowing and there is no lake or creek near by, hence we "have a shower" next to the water tanks by means of our drinking water bladders... Anyway, the bathing helps to keep our bodies clean, given that the clothes are the same day after day...

See also our Monthly Report December 2004 and our special report Possumgeschichten (only in German).

Cradle Mountain and Lake Dove

Barn Bluff and Lake Windermere


Snow-covered Mount Oakleigh at dawn


On Pelion Gap

Preparing dinner in Kia Ora hut

Tasmanian Waratah

Panorama with Cradle Mountain

At Du Cane-Hütte

At Fergusson Falls

The Akropolis

Leftovers after the hike

Battery Point in Hobart